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Top 10 Surprisingly Simple Tomato Growing Tips

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The dream of every tomato grower is to have a bounty of the reddest, tastiest, juiciest, perfect looking tomatoes in the neighborhood, that puts the ones in the grocery store to shame.

You can get there over time, it takes some experience to grow a crop like that. The are things you should not do… below are 10 tomato growing tips proven to produce exemplary results.

  • Choose a bright airy location and don’t crowd the plants
  • Pass up overgrown transplants at the garden center
  • Feed the soil first
  • Preheat the soil in your garden
  • Plant them deep, remove leaves that will be below soil level and bury the stems
  • Provide lots of light, space seedlings when planting
  • Mulch but mulch later for sure
  • Grow them up, grow vertically
  • Remove the bottom leaves, pluck the first flower, practice proper pruning
  • Water deeply but infrequently
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