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Choosing the right house plants for your Denver home or office is important for a successful match. House plants differ not only in look but also in their needs and requirements for a healthy life. At Country Fair Garden Center, we understand how overwhelming it is to try and choose the best indoor plant for your space. Our friendly staff has the customer service and professional knowledge to help guide your plant purchase decisions with our house plant tips.

Benefits of House Plants

Adding house plants to your home decor does more than just spruce up a room. Studies show that indoor plants help to reduce stress and improve mood by up to 15 percent. According to research from NASA, house plants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins within 24 hours.

There are also many benefits of incorporating indoor plants into your office space. The greenery and nature of indoor plants can help you to feel more calm and relaxed. Indoor plants in an office can increase concentration and productivity by as much as 15 percent.

While studies and research support the benefits of house plants for your physical and mental health, choosing the right plants remains key to success. Whether it is your home or office, there are several important considerations to keep in mind.

Important Considerations When Shopping for House Plant Tips

When shopping for house plants, it is easy to let the look of a plant overrule any concerns. You may feel attracted to a large plant with beautiful leaves when in fact, that particular plant might not be the right fit for your space. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for Denver house plants:

Pet safety—Household pets are curious by nature. Introducing a new plant to your home can surely draw their interest by sniffing or nibbling on the leaves. Not all house plants are a good match for your dog or cat and some are downright poisonous. Our staff can help you to select plants that are safe for your four-legged family members.

Plant size—Another important consideration is plant size. Choosing a large potted plant can enhance a room but also can obstruct views and traffic flow. A smaller house plant for your kitchen counter may outgrow its pot and location. The size of a plant, its placement in your home or office, and its potential for growth are too important to overlook.

Time and attention—House plants need a certain amount of water and sunlight in order to thrive. If you’re short on time, the rubber plant is a popular option that is low maintenance—just be cautious if you have pets. Consider how much sunlight your home or office space receives throughout the day and share this information with the garden center staff. They can pair that information with specific plants, along with their need for sunlight, water, and tender loving care.

The smell—A plant that produces a fragrant scent can go from enjoyable to overbearing after a certain amount of time. Placing a fragrant plant, like lavender, in a small space can affect members of your family differently. It can also become an annoyance for any coworkers who are sensitive to the smell.

The Denver High Altitude and House Plants

Known as the Mile High City, the high altitude makes some house plants more successful than others. Sitting at an elevation of 5,280 feet, or one mile above sea level, Denver produces a different set of challenges for indoor plants. There are some varieties that are virtually foolproof for your home, including:

Succulents—Not only are they hard to kill, but there are also lots of varieties to choose from. Succulents are colorful, pretty, and many have great health benefits. For example, the aloe plant is a succulent that is often used as a topical treatment for skin injuries or burns.

The snake plant is another type of succulent. While the name is a little creepy, it originates from the plant’s long, slender leaves. The snake plant typically does a great job of filtering the air but like the aloe plant, it isn’t a good idea for a home with pets.

The Haworthia zebra is a succulent that is pet-friendly and low maintenance. While it likes to soak up the sun, this zebra succulent requires little water, making it a smart choice for busy people.

Bamboo—Bringing bamboo into your Denver home or workplace is a fun way to change up your decor. While not native to Colorado, bamboo can give your space an Asian or tropical feel that is a change from everyday scenery. Bamboo is also a safe choice for homes with pets.

Boston Fern—A Boston Fern hanging in a basket can spruce up any interior decor. These ferns like humidity and their soil kept moist. The Boston Fern is another safe bet for your furry friends.

These are just a few examples of the types of plants available at the Country Fair Garden Center. Let us show you our extensive offerings of healthy household plants—by learning more about your space and plans, our staff can help you select the perfect indoor plants.

About Country Fair Garden Center

Selecting the right house plant, whether for your home or office, is often an overwhelming task. The large variety of indoor plants and their benefits and potential hazards for your household require careful thought. That’s where our friendly and professional staff can help with our house plant tips. At the Country Fair Garden Center, we can make your shopping fun by directing you to the best options for your space.

House plants also make great gifts for someone’s new home or in celebration of a recent promotion. We’ll not only help you select the perfect plant but we’ll also share helpful house plant tips and tricks you can pass along to the gift recipient.

If you’re interested in adding a bit of nature to your Denver home or office, trust the friendly professionals at Country Fair Garden Center. Currently operated by three generations of the Gerace family, we proudly serve Denver and the surrounding region with all their plant and gardening needs. To learn how we can help you, contact us today.

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