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Improve your concentration and memory by up to 20% at work!

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While having a plant on your desk at work adds a welcome splash of natural beauty and color in your technology-charged business environment, it can also provide an important boost to your day-to-day performance.

A recent study indicates people received a twenty percent increase in memory and concentration in the presence of ornamental plants at work. Employees working with flowers and plants also had more creative ideas and solutions to problems they were given.

Researchers believe the calming influence of a natural environment increases the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Work performed in the presence of plants was of higher quality and completed more accurately than in an environment without plants.

With attention-robbing distractions of emails, social media alerts, ringing phones and colleagues in conversation, adding plants to the workplace for a potential twenty percent increase in concentration is a smart move to make.

Country Fair has a vast selection of houseplants to choose from – visit us today!


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