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January Checklist

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Colorado gardening tips for your January checklist:

Water your plants.

As surprising as it seems, we just don’t get enough moisture to meet our landscaping needs, in which case irrigation is the key to a healthy spring landscape. Secondly, watering plants before a storm can help keep roots and lower stems safe from sub-freezing temperatures.

•Water plants only when the air is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no snow cover.
•For newly planted or young trees, use a soil needle or deep-root fork to apply water. Insert it into the soil about 8 inches deep, about halfway between the trunk and several feet beyond the drip line (the tips of the outermost branches), working your way around the entire tree. For large, established trees, a sprinkler is more efficient.
•Apply 10 gallons of water per inch of tree diameter. For example, a 3-inch-diameter tree would need 30 gallons. Water once a month or as conditions dictate.
•Newly planted shrubs need 5 gallons of water twice a month.
•Small, established shrubs need 5 gallons per month.
•Large (over 6 feet), established shrubs need 18 gallons of water a month.
•Keep up on snow and ice removal.

Snow and ice are dangerous, and the leading cause of slip and fall accidents in our Rocky Mountain climate. For best results, use eco-friendly de-icing products on your walkways and drives before the storm gets going. This can prevent ice from forming in the first place. Once the storm has ended, start shoveling or snow blowing as soon as possible to minimize the need for de-icing products. Avoid using rock salts on walkways, this can damage plantings along those areas as well as deteriorate concrete. Using a light coating of sand will help give traction in slippery areas.

Winter is for the birds.

Don’t forget our feathered friends. When the bulk of your garden has been blanketed with monochromatic white, migrating and over-wintering birds will add life and color as they flock to bird feeders and suet. We have a great selection of bird seed and suet to feed our fine feathered friends.

Seed shopping.

One of the best parts of winter is getting to curl up by the fire with hot cocoa and a stack of seed catalogs. Check your stored seeds for viability to avoid purchasing seeds you don’t need. Our 2015 seeds are in, lots of new varieties! Check out the selection and stock up for spring.

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