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Country Fair Garden Center sells Hardy Boy plants, which are grown to thrive in the rugged Colorado environment and in other difficult growing conditions.

How to Transplant Seedlings

May 1, 2015

There is something special about getting started on the season earlier by starting your seeds inside. It brings spring into your life while there may still be snow on the ground. Transplanting is not terribly difficult, but there are things to keep in mind. There are special considerations when transplanting seedlings as opposed to planting […]

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Organic Soil Amendment 101

April 30, 2015

What is soil amendment, and do you need it? Soil amendment is when material is added to soil to enhance its properties, such as retaining water or improving aeration, drainage function, or structure. Don’t get this confused with fertilizer: the purpose of fertilizer is to provide plants with the elements they need so they can […]

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Rose growing tips

April 30, 2015

Rose growing tips * Know what kind of rose you want, a shrub, a climber, a hybrid tea or even a miniature. * Use a compost mixed with your existing soil when planting your rosebush. * Remember to water daily in the hot months… And monthly in the winter if we are not getting enough […]

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21 Vegetables that can grow in partial shade

April 27, 2015

Knowing where to grow your vegetables is almost as important as knowing what types to grow in the first place. Your temperature zone defines what you can easily grow, but your ultimate placement of those chosen vegetables will decide how well they’ll grow for you. Here is a list of full sun, shade, and partial […]

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Growing Berries in the Kitchen Garden

April 26, 2015

Being able to go out and pick your own berries is a summertime treat. Berries not only taste good, but also have important nutrients for a healthy diet such as vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Preparing most berries for eating is as simple as rinsing them under running water. Berries are used in many dishes and […]

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