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A Kid’s Pizza Herb Garden – Growing A Pizza Garden

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Kids love pizza and an easy way to get them to love gardening is by growing a pizza garden. It is a garden where herbs and vegetables commonly found on pizza are grown. Let’s look at how to grow pizza herbs in the garden with your kids.

How to Grow Pizza Herbs & Vegetables

A pizza herb garden typically has six plants in it. These are:

All of these plants are easy and fun for kids to grow. Of course, you can add additional plants to your pizza herb garden that may go into making a pizza, such as wheat, garlic and rosemary. Be aware, these plants may be more difficult for a child to grow and could cause them to become frustrated with the project.

Remember, even though these are easy plants to grow, children will still need your help growing a pizza garden. You will need to remind them when to water and help them with weeding.

Layout of a Pizza Herb Garden

Planting all of these plants together in one plot is fine, but for some extra fun, consider growing a pizza garden in the shape of a pizza.

The bed should be a round shape, with a “slice” for each kind of plant. If you follow the list above, there would be six “slices” or sections in your pizza herb garden.

Also be aware that plants in a pizza herb garden will need at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to grow well. Less than this, and the plants may be stunted or produce poorly.

With pizza herbs, growing them with children is a great way to interest the children in the world of gardening. Nothing makes a project more fun than when you get to eat the end result.

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