Gardener’s October To-Do List

Posted by on October 7, 2015

Everything that needs to be done in the dirt this month.



  • Thin out one-third of the oldest branches of forsythia, lilac, spirea, and potentilla for better bloom and shape next spring.
  • Dig up tender tubers and corms of dahlias, cannas, caladium, and gladiolius.
  • Don’t cut back ornamental grasses, sunflowers, and wildflowers—leave them for winter interest and for wildlife.
  • Collect leaves to shred (with a shredder or mower) and compost.
  • Clean up all fallen fruits to reduce disease and pest problems.
  • Work compost into vegetable beds and asparagus beds.
  • Plant Root crop vegetable seeds now for spring harvest.
  • Remove spent tomato plants and dispose of in trash.
  • Treat houseplants and annuals with a Systemic Insect Granules to prevent pest from spreading indoors.
  • Dig up geraniums and bring them indoors for the winter.
  • Pot up some paperwhite bulbs for holiday forcing.